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With an EnergyNet meeting you are in safe hands 

As an impartial market player, EnergyNet works with both public and private sector to facilitate the development of the power sector through targeted networking and knowledge sharing.

Getting a project live can have many hurdles. But knowing the right people shouldn’t be one of them.

25 years’ experience in the market has taught us what value really means to our clients. Accelerate the pace of projects by getting the introductions and knowledge you need at one of our meetings.

  • Get introductions to reliable project partners through our network of contacts
  • Meet the governments, utilities and private sector players capable of transforming your success
  • Learn about public sector's goals and objectives, existing players' challenges, legislation updates and other critical details 
  • Discover the unique landscapes for energy investment in specific countries or regions to tailor your strategy accordingly




“We have a very strong Africa Portfolio so it made sense for us to sponsor aef,” Deepak Thakur, CEO of Sterling & Wilson explained. “In India, we have gone through many of the same energy challenges that Africa is now currently going through so are in a perfect place to assist. This event will let the world see us!” Deepak Thakur, CEO, Sterling & Wilson
“Meetings that usually take place over six months can be completed in three days… we only do one show a year and it’s this one. We do one and do it well.” Matteo Brambilla, Managing Director, Building Energy
“Congratulations to you and the EnergyNet team for putting on such a successful conference.  I have always found your team to be incredibly well-organized, professional and communicative, which supports speakers to do their best in preparing for an interesting exchange of ideas.  AEF is certainly my favourite conference to attend, I always get so much out of it. It’s a great venue for connecting with counterparties, industry experts, and old colleagues and friends.  The mix of public and private sector participants makes for interesting debate and conversation.” Bonnie Guo, Project Finance Director, Energy & Infrastructure, OPIC
“That connectivity and that energy, being together in the same place, for a finite period of time, to discuss and exchange information - there are always, always, always important things that come out [of it]. For us, as practitioners in this space, not to come to the Forum would be an issue” Dimitri Papaefstratiou, Partner, DLA Piper
“A great opportunity for my Ministry to interact with potential investors… I am looking forward to having a success story from the relationships I formed with some of the companies I met” Frank Tinarwo, Principal Energy Development Officer, Ministry of Energy & Power Development, Zimbabwe